1. firstandlastrunning's RD's
    firstandlastrunning's RD's
    Here's the CV .......... With over 300 Marathons between them, Race Organisers Davey Green & Lesley Coulton decided to find something a little closer to home without quite so much travelling on trains, planes and automobiles. After the successes of previous firstandlastrunning Plym Trail Marathons, it was inevitable that more events would soon be in the pipeline that would be reknowned for being enjoyable, sociable and rewarding. Lesley is a Charity Project Manager based in Plymstock and Davey has just recently jumped across the Cornish border at the Saltash Bridge and moved in with Lesley.
  2. National Trust
    National Trust
    A portion of your race entry goes towards organising the race, medals, feeding the volunteers, your little goody bag at the end, medical assistance, aid stations, water and snacks, race permits and a whole other bunch of insurances and overheads. firstandlastrunning will make a donation to The National Trust, without whom we would never be able to provide you with events like ours. Registered Charity No 205846 Heelis, Kemble Drive, Swindon SN2 2NA
  3. Brathay Trust
    Brathay Trust
    firstandlastrunning is proud to announce that previous Plym Trail Weekends supported Brathay Trust and funds raised thus far have exceeded £6,000. firstandlastrunning and your Race Directors have some very close connections to this Charity as Brathay Trust gathers and supports some of the UK's most underpriviledged young people and leads them back towards integrating into our society and training them to become Peer Mentors and encourage them away from criminal activity and antisocial behaviour. This year there is a link-up project with St Luke's to assist youngsters to cope with bereavement and loss. Registered Charity No 1021586 Brathay Hall, Ambleside, LA22 OHP
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